Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finishing Up

It's been a fun few months of "swap"ing, and I am very pleased with the results. I am wearing these garments often, and getting many compliments. My favorite has got to be "really? you made it? like, from scratch?" to me, 'from scratch' involves flour and eggs by why not sewing?

My average week is very eclectic, but I would say a typical week is this:

Weekdays are taken up with studio time, meeting with clients, picking up and dropping off contract sewing, and scouring local shops for materials.
Fridays are often at the winery, moving inventory around and getting ready for the weekend in addition to pouring tastings.
Weekends are usually split between working and a day off. On the days off, we like to have eat out or have a few friends over for supper and games. On the winery days, I spend the day serving wine, listening to jazz, and talking about Oregon.

Black Knit Top paired with Corduroy Trousers. Perfect for days in the studio, these are comfortable and throw on easily. One down side? I forgot about the corduroy swoosh when I walk.
Blue Sheer Blouse paired with Corduroy Trousers. A little dressier than the knit tops, this blouse has seen a lot of wear. I love the collar which reminds me of the convertible collars in the teens, it feels like a classic. And the costar in the corner is Spike, trying to get down to the studio
Orange Hemp Top paired with Tan Poplin Trousers. I love these trousers, which are both comfortable and slimming. The crispness makes them feel dressy and they go with everything. The buttons are from my grandmother's stash which makes them even more fun to wear.
Green Cotton Blouse paired with Tan Poplin Trousers. This is the outfit that inspired the 'from scratch' comment. I was a little unsure at first about the fullness of the sleeves, but the flared leg on the trousers balances it out. So does the cat behind my feet.
Striped Knit Top paired with Green Twill Skirt. This was the outfit I wore on Easter, and it went nicely from services to dinner to sitting around watching a movie.
Print Silk Top paired with Green Twill Skirt. When the weather warms, I am certain this will be a favorite pairing. I love the geometrics of the top, and the two greens compliment each other nicely. I do have to find a pair of closed-toe shoes to wear with it for work.
Print Silk Top Paired with Print Jumper. One of my favorite combinations, this outfit just makes me feel classy. The print was a complete upset to the plan but I am thrilled with it.
Blue Sheer Blouse paired with Print Jumper. The last two fabrics I selected just had to be photographed together. I wear this to work with much more sensible shoes.
Print Silk Blouse, Denim Jacket, and Corduroy Trousers. I love it when fabrics match. It just makes me all happy inside.
Striped Knit Top, Denim Jacket, and Corduroy Trousers. The only downside to my jacket is that it hides most of my tops. I left it open to show my top, and like the wide lapel effect it creates.
Silk Print Top, Print Jumper, and Denim Jacket. I know it's underexposed, but I just really liked this photo.