Friday, April 3, 2009

Always take your Time

When I first started my SWAP, I selected my patterns and fabrics. I was so excited by the idea of actually doing this (and the thought of a new wardrobe), that I couldn't wait to finish it. Of course to finish one must get started. So I set up my cutting table, which is a brown folding conference table, and set to cutting. I cut out a total of nine things that day, which was quite the accomplishement. But once something is cut, it's almost finished you see.

Now, a month later, as I am working my way through the stack of pieces, it is a simple thing to select the next project based on color. When I had finished a customer's black dress shirt, I moved easily into a black knit top. After completing a linen shirt I was on to the white blouses. It's a good system, you see.
So yesterday I was excited by the fact that I had yellow thread on the machine and could get to work on my sundress/jumper. With Easter coming, it will make a perfect dress to wear and should look classic with the white blouse which I haven't yet had the chance to wear.

I assembled the bodice, lining it with scraps from the pale green top. I transferred the markings for the darts using tailor's chalk and set to stitching. But when I stopped to press the front darts, something seemed odd; one side was inside out. Silly me, I had forgotten to flip the fabric when transferring the markings. Easily fixed, I picked the stitches on one side and re-marked the darts. After sewing them up again, I was set to sew the center front seam. Then I noticed that there was something even more odd: I had two right fronts. How did I manage to do that? But never to be deterred, I decided to use the back pieces to remedy the situation. That's when I found that I have two right back pieces.

When I was cutting out my nine garments a month ago, I recall that the narrow width required I open the fabric flat in order to get the fullness of the skirt pieces. So I folded it in half, turned, and cut. Except I didn't flip. I cut this out with both halves of the fabric face up. So here I am, with half of a dress. Because there is a texturally obvious right side to this fabric, there is no fudging the problem. Because I laid out the tissue right side up for both the front and back, I can't tweak them to make one whole skirt. The only solution is to purchase more yardage and cut a left front and left back.

I stopped by one of my local JA stores today, and didn't see any of this fabric. It was on the clearance rack so there may not be any at the other JA in town either. I am hoping that since it's an odd shade of yellow I may be the only one in town who is looking for it. If I can't find it, then I'm off to find another piece in this or a similar shade.

Lesson of the day: even in the joy of inspiration. Take Your Time.

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